Danielle Queller’s Exquisite Earrings

Danielle Queller. Relatively unknown except for those in the know ie., trend setting actresses Blake Lively, Naya Rivera, Christine Hendricks, and Kate Beckinsale to name a few.

From NYC and with a solid career in residential construction and design after completing her degree in Applied Mathematics, Danielle Queller has created The Danielle Queller Collection. This wasn’t a new foray for her, Queller’s mother was a fashion designer and it was in her workroom as a child that Queller set the scene for her creative future through the creation of custom designed clothing.

Fast forward to 2015, The Danielle Queller Collection is an established brand and includes an earring collection of exquisite colours, stones, metals, and shapes. Some soft and magical like the Pink Opal Cloud (above, of Gossip Girl fame), others sharp and distinguished like the Long Lines (below).

Danielle Queller Long Lines

In a crowded market space where it is hard to be different and stand out, where diamonds and more diamonds are still considered the go to for jewellery elegance and acceptance, Queller has created a line of jewellery that sets its own trend. The jewellery includes a mixture of metals including 18kt gold and silver and stones like pink opal, rutilated quartz, phosporite, and jet and ebony woods.

Danielle Queller Rutilated Quartz Danielle Queller Jet Feather Danielle Queller Ebony Chandeliers

Available by appointment only, we’re desperately hopeful she’ll open an online store with the ability to ship worldwide.

This kind of beauty shouldn’t be restricted.

Although we certainly appreciate the exclusivity.

Danielle Queller Deco Onyx Hexagondaniellequeller.comDanielle Queller Light and Lustre

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